Leschenault Biosecurity Group (LBG) can assist landholders within our operational area with integrated management of rabbits with a variety of tools, so have a chat with us to see what is best for you and your property.

Rabbits reproduce very effectively, and complete elimination of rabbits is close to impossible. With community members working together, significant decrease in numbers can be achieved.  To optimise control of feral rabbits, a combination of control tools and methods, such as targeted releases of Calicivirus RHDV1-K5, strategic fencing, cleaning rubble and wood piles that may be used as refuge and tree protection are advised.

Please contact us if you would like Rabbit Control advice for YOUR property.
Best practice methods for controlling rabbits can vary, so for personalised advice please contact us.  or 0447 049 967

Calicivirus RHDV1 K5 Releases Across Our Operational Area from late 2020 through mid-May 2021
From late 2020 through mid-May 2021, LBG was very busy across our operational area assisting participating landholders with various rabbit control strategies, including RHDV K5 virus releases. While the “K5” releases won’t eliminate all rabbits, they do provide for a significant reduction in rabbit population, hopefully better enabling landholders the ability to implement other rabbit control strategies around their property.

Virus Release Program Halted Until  Late Spring to Summer – Why stop the virus releases?  The main breeding season of rabbits in our area extends from about May to November depending on availability of suitable green feed. We halt our virus releases at this time, due to the abundance of green plants for rabbits to eat, making them less likely to want our baited oats and more significantly because releasing during breeding season can make the future generations of local rabbits immune to the “K5” virus compromising this control method.

The “K5” VIRUS ONLY AFFECTS RABBITS.  It is safe to pets and wildlife.
The “K5″ strain of the Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHDV1) which is used specifically for the control of rabbits, specifically affects rabbits. Other species, even pets that ingest infected rabbits, are not affected by the virus.  An effective vaccination to protect pet rabbits against this strain of the Calicivirus is available from veterinarians. Veterinarians in our area were notified in 2020 of this planned program to enable them to advise owners of pet rabbits. It is important however to clarify that other strains of this virus not protected by the vaccine can also be present in the region. For more information about the virus, please click on link below:
WA Dept of Agriculture Rabbit Control: RHDV1 K5

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