What We Do

What We Do

 LBG focuses its activities on priority pests that pose the most significant risk to the livelihoods and natural values of our region. These priority pests have been identified by our community and are targeted through LBG initiatives and activities, including:

  • Pest identification
  • Educational workshops
  • Coordinated pest control programs, such as K5 rabbit control virus release
  • Providing expert advice from industry professionals through events and publications
  • Subsidised training and licensing of select pest control methods
  • On-ground assistance and pest management advice, including site visits by LBG staff
  • Tailored integrated weed management plans
  • Research and reporting to pest compliance programs, such as Cotton bush control
  • Free equipment hire e.g. fox cage traps and warren smokers
  • Community-wide events such as RedCard Fox Shoot

It is our goal to carry out these activities through positive and collaborative working relationships between all stakeholders within the LBG Operational Area.

How can you help?

  • Get involved with LBG activities
  • Continue to manage declared pests on your property
  • Work collaboratively with your neighbours and land managers in your area
  • Encourage neighbours, friends and peers to become members of LBG
  • Provide feedback to LBG about what pests concerns you have. Let us know how to help you!
  • Map and report pest sightings through LBG or MyPestGuide, FeralScan Apps.