Declared Pest Rate 

Declared Pest Rate

The Biosecurity and Agriculture Act 2007 (BAM Act 2007) allows Recognised Biosecurity Groups (RBGs) to raise a Declared Pest Rate (DPR) to support their work in coordinating strategic control of specific declared pests. Ultimately it is the landholder’s responsibility to control declared pests on their own land (BAM Act 2007), however through a coordinated and strategic approach, greater and more sustainable results can be achieved at a region-wide scale.

The funds raised by landholders are matched dollar for dollar by the state government. Funds raised from a region are spent in the region. In 2019, the LBG raised a DPR for the first time. As a Recognised Biosecurity Group, LBG allocates these funds through an Operational Plan, revised annually and guided by community priorities. This plan outlines community identified priority declared pests for targeting through strategic initiatives, within the LBG Operational Area. LBG’s current Operational Plan can be viewed here.

The DPR is determined each year by the Minister for Agriculture after a period of community consultation. Currently in the LBG operational area, the rate applies to properties 1 hectare (1 ha) in size or above, described as urban farming on the non-rural valuation roll, and freehold land on the rural valuation roll, at the rate of $45 per annum for properties 1 – 10 hectares and; $60 per annum for properties 10 hectares and above.

Although primarily funded by the Declared Pest Rate, LBG also undertakes pest management programs funded by alternative sources.

More information about the Declared Pest Rate can be found here.