Now is the time to prepare for treating Cape Tulip!

Cape Tulip is notoriously difficult to control, predominantly due to the small window each year of which it is susceptible to herbicide. Did you know the treatment window can be as little as 3 days? Miss this opportunity and your control may be ineffective.

As a guide, keep a really close eye on the flower stalks and wait until they begin to bud, then leap into action! Once the flowers have opened and begun to set seed, it’s too late!

You can also dig up a corm and have a look- if the corm is looking shrivelled with small fleshy roots beginning to form, it’s time to treat.

Which herbicide you choose depends on whether the plants are One Leaf or Two Leaf Cape Tulip, what stock you are running or crop you are growing. For advice on best practice for YOUR property, contact Leschenault Biosecurity Group