Thank you to the landholders, communities, government agencies, industries and other organisations who supported and collaborated with the Leschenault Biosecurity Group over the past year.  During this time, we completed the transition from a volunteer organisation to a Recognised Biosecurity Group (RBG).  More than ever, this year really reinforced the importance and effectiveness of collaboration and supportive partnerships working together to achieve better outcomes for everyone.  This certainly holds true to our on-going aim of achieving effective, community coordinated approaches to managing pests.

Becoming one of  the14 RBGs in Western Australia enables us to better access and provide significant resources and assistance to the landowners and land managers within our operational area toward protection of our region’s diverse land uses and natural values against the significant impacts of pests – both animal and plant.  It is our goal to carry out these activities through positive and collaborative working relationships between all stakeholders within the LBG Operational Area.

Our stakeholders input is key to setting our priorities. We encourage our community to be an active voice in the management of priority pests.  We look forward to continued and expanded collaboration and success toward improved pest management in the new year.

Some highlights of our activites this past year include:

  • Several community workshops focused on control strategies for Summer Weeds, Foxes & Rabbits
  • Successful wide-scale implementation of Rabbit Control program across our operational area with positive feedback from participating landowners
  • National recognition of our Rabbit Control program with report aired on ABC National News
  • Trial of the HOGGONE Feral Pig control system
  • Development of online resources available through our website for declared pests information and controls advice and related instructional videos
  • Numerous property inspections by LBG team members in conjunction with landholders, resulting in property-specific pest assessments, advice and implementable control plans
  • Increased pest management controls tools, equipment, herbicides, permits’ training and guidance available to landholders within our operational area
  • Focused governance training & policy development to ensure we deliver the best outcomes to our stakeholders through a transparent and material process