Through funding received by Leschenault Catchment Council (LCC) from the Communities Combating Pests and Weed Impacts During Drought program, the Shires of Collie, Dardanup and Donnybrook-Balingup will work in partnership with each other as well as other key stakeholders across the catchment to map the extent of blackberry and to implement control works on key areas.  Landholders from these three shires are encouraged to contact the LCC to discuss available assistance. While they won’t be able to get out to every property, they will aim to implement works on targeted areas to get the best on-ground outcome possible with the resources available. For more information, please contact LCC directly at 9791 4773 or e-mail:
SHIRE OF CAPEL LANDHOLDERS: If you are a landholder in the Shire of Capel being impacted by blackberries, please contact the LBG at 0477 049 967 or e-mail us at to discuss available resources.  For additional blackberry control information, please visit our pest information page at :