Why does Biosecurity Matter to YOU? We ALL have our part to play in protecting our local area, our communities, our land.   

We are excited to be a part of the 2021 Apple Festival with focus on Future Farming Initiatives & Why Biosecurity Matters!
LBG has team members who are scheduled speakers both days at the Festival’s Future Farming Pavilion and a stall in the general festival area.

If you’re at the festival, please stop by and see us.
Tell us YOUR priorities & concerns.
We’d love to have a chat!

LBG Talks at the Festival’s Future Farming Pavilion  – Join us for Talks “Bridges to Biosecurity – Connecting Community, Everyone Has a Role to Play”
Biosecurity controls in Australia minimise the risk of impact of invasive, non-native weeds, animals and disease and protect our $32 billion agriculture export industries as well as our unique environment, native flora and fauna, our tourism industries and lifestyle.
Please join us for discussions about Biosecurity scheduled at the Festival’s Future Farming Pavilion as below:
Saturday, 3rd April, 2pm:  Morrie Goodz, Chair, Leschenault Biosecurity Group
Sunday, 4th April, 1:45 pm:  Kate Duzevich, Project Officer, Leschenault Biosecurity Group