Come along to the markets and join us for :

  • free, informative workshop about Bridal Creeper and effective control strategies
  • hourly demonstrations on “how to mix Bridal Creeper Rust control spray mixture”  
  • hand-outs of Bridal Creeper Rust spray mixture, while supplies last

Join us at at Leschenault Biosecurity Group’s Stall at each market

  • Saturday, 21 August at the Donnybrook Station Markets
  • Sunday, 22 August at the Boyanup & Districts Farmers Market

Talk to our weeds experts about Bridal Creeper and more!

Bridal creeper is a perennial climbing vine, which can sprawl for several meters, smothering the plants around it.  It’s a “Declared Pest” in WA and is nationally recognised as a ‘Weed of National Significance’.  This highly invasive weed causes serious problems outcompeting native plants and crops by smothering or preventing germination.  It is a common weed along roadsides, orchards and citrus groves and disturbed scrubland close to habitation.  Bridal Creeper invades dry coastal vegetation, heath land and healthy woodland, mallee shrubland, lowland grassland and grassy woodland, dry sclerophyll forest and woodland, damp sclerophyll forest, riparian vegetation, rock outcrop vegetation, and warm temperate rainforest. It’s not fussy!  Furthermore, it’s frost tolerant and it is spread quickly and proficiently by birds that consume the berries.

Bridal Creeper is dormant from November through most of February.  It’s active growing season is from the end of February through October and it flowers from August to September.  Optimum treatment time for Bridal Creeper is NOW….through the end of August.