LBG Trailer-mounted Chemical Sprayer Induction
with Focus on Blackberry Control Support Program 
9am – 11:30am, Saturday, 30 October (subject to weather conditions)
1687 Goodwood Road, Capel (Piccolo Alpacas)

Landholders who wish to address large infestations of blackberry and other declared pasture weeds in “hard to reach” places will receive priority registration for this workshop.

LBG training is a requirement for condition of loan and use of this spray unit. 
This equipment is available for loan from LBG to all Declared Pest Ratepayers within our Operational Area who are interested in using this to control large infestations of blackberry and other declared pasture weeds in “hard to reach” places.  

 Workshop Details:  
This is a free training session for landholders within LBG’s operational area for use of  the group’s “Quik Spray” trailer-mounted, chemical spray unit.  This workshop provides for full induction training for those interested in borrowing the LBG Quick Spray Unit with focus on blackberry control.

Topics will include:

  • Correct mixing procedure of herbicides for blackberry spraying.
    • Including, chemicals and ratios
  • Operation of the ” Quik Spray” unit, including
    • Ignition
    • Pressure change to requisite pressure
    • Hose reel
    • Shut down procedures
    • Cleaning requirements
  • Safe handling of chemicals
  • Demonstrations of tips and tricks for spraying blackberry

If you’re challenged with large blackberry infestations, come out and meet fellow landholders struggling with this overwhelming weed & share experiences.

If you’re a declared pest ratepayer within the LBG operational area, this equipment is available for your use.
Please contact LBG to discuss conditions for equipment loan.