The LBG Quik Spray Chemical Spray Unit, pictured above, was employed on over 80 properties to treat blackberry infestations in support of the South West Collaborative Blackberry Scheme project.

As the active growing season for blackberry comes to a close, the window for effective chemical treatment does as well.

Over the past 16 months LBG has been providing significant efforts for properties within our operational area across the Shires of Dardanup and Donnybrook-Balingup, in support of the South West Collaborative Blackberry Scheme, including:
• Conducting site visits & providing property-specific blackberry control advice
• Referring properties for inclusion in this program
• Promoting and providing equipment and training for the use of the LBG “Quik-Spray” Chemical Spray Unit, pictured above

Additionally, in support of this program, the LBG Quik Spray Chemical Spray Unit was employed on over 80 properties to treat blackberry infestations as indicated below:
• 23 properties received their second re-spray over consecutive summers.
• Over 27 hectare of blackberry was herbicide treated over a 3-month period over the summer season.
• The major focus was along water courses & seasonally damp areas on both private & public lands.
• 13 properties involved multiple visits where infestations were too large to control in any given day

We commend the Leschenault Catchment Council (LCC) in its role as Project Manager, and the Shires of Collie, Dardanup and Donnybrook-Balingup for their collective efforts in the implementation of this significant and large-scale blackberry control program across the three Shires.

The results of this project can now be utilised as a foundation to build future projects. With areas mapped for re-treating or for increasing the control area, the project is ready and waiting for further funding.

Contact LBG for Blackberry Control queries:
e-mail: phone: 0477 049 967

Are you interested in using our “Quik Spray” Chemical Sprayer for large infestations of Blackberry or other declared weeds on your property?
If so, please provide your details at the following link: LBG Quik Spray Unit Expression of Interest