Feral pigs on surveillance camera as part of LBG feral pig control trials within local orchard  
Addressing Feral Pig Activity in an Orchard Setting Involves Unique Challenges

Leschenault Biosecurity Group recently completed successful HOGGONE® Feral Pig Control trials resulting in removal of pigs from an orchard in Kirup.  LBG approached the involved landholder after becoming aware of suspected pig activity within this orchard. 

We were eager to trial this control program system at this location as the orchard setting presents several challenges, including:

• Plentiful and varied food sources on the ground among the fruit trees which would easily compete with any baiting system
• Multiple entry and exit points for the pigs into the orchard, making establishing baiting site more difficult

Our steps for this project site included:

• Setting up surveillance cameras to verify and quantify feral pigs on property
• First surveillances indicated 3 pigs in the orchard
• We set-up a HOGGONE® box installation hoping pigs would keep returning for our barley “pre-feed” and eventually our HOGGONE® bait
• It took a few weeks of persistence to establish a habit of the pigs returning to our installation for our barley; however, not only did they return, they brought more pigs with them
• Ultimately, we were able to remove 6 pigs from this area with this control program

We appreciate the participating landholder’s collaboration with us on this program, which has confirmed that the HOGGONE® system can be an effective tool for feral pig control within orchards. Read more about Feral Pig Control at: LBG Feral Pigs Control Information