Where: Jack & Mary Kitchen Community Centre, 55 Thomas Street, Boyanup
When:  Wednesday, 31 August 2022
No Cost to Attend –

Effective fox control is best achieved by using a combination of control measures (not just one) and by working with your neighbours, rather than individual properties.  Community members and landholders are invited to join us for this free two part-workshop focusing on fox behaviour and management strategies and including a separate training session for competency in using 1080 baits on applicable properties toward obtaining related permit.

1pm-2:30pm:  Part 1 – Fox Behaviour and Management Strategies

  • Insights into Fox Biology & Behaviour
  • Monitoring Activity & Reporting Sightings
  • Control Options & Strategies for Your Property

2:30pm-4:00pm:  Part 2 – 1080 Baiting Accreditation Guidance
(detailed information and guidance to assist landholders to obtain the Restricted Pesticide Permit required to conduct 1080 baiting on their properties)

  • Guidance for 1080 Baiting Accreditation led by DPIRD Biosecurity Officer
  • Available Registered Pesticide Permit Application & Costs Assistance from LBG

NOTE:  Landholders individually exempt from 1080 permits due to property size can join with neighbours to combine properties for permit purposes to reach the minimum land size for a permit as long as the combined properties meet all requirements of the code of practice plus demonstrate management and/or planning for any related increased risks.
Find out more about this permit at:  DPRID Registered Pesticide Permits

Contact LBG for more information about this workshop at: info@lbginc.org.au  or on 0477 049 967