HIGH ALERT:  June 2022, Myrtle Rust detected for first time in WA, in the Kimberley
Travellers going to and from the north, please help prevent the spread!

WA bush walkers and travellers to northern WA are encouraged to look and report signs of myrtle rust. Myrtle rust is a serious disease that infects and kills many plants belonging to the Myrtaceous family including eucalypts, bottlebrushes, paperbarks and peppermint trees. This fungus was detected in the East-Kimberley in late June 2022 by the State’s “preparedness surveillance teams” working with DBCA, DAF, FPC and DPIRD

Myrtle rust attacks young, soft, actively growing leaves, shoot tips and stems. It also attacks fruit and flowers of susceptible plants. The first signs of rust infection are tiny, raised spots or pustules. After a few days, the pustules may turn a distinctive egg-yolk yellow colour.  You can read more about this at the Department of Agriculture’s website:  www.agric.wa.gov.au/plant-biosecurity/myrtle-rust-threat-western-australia

Any unfamiliar plant or animal pests or diseases should be reported immediately to DPIRD’s Pest and Disease Information Service on (08) 9368 3080 or enquiries@dpird.wa.gov.au or via the MyPestGuide Reporter App.

For more information, contact Leschenault Biosecurity Group at info@lbginc.org.au or ring us on 0477 049 967.