The National Wild Dog Action Plan organisation is seeking public input on the progress of wild dog management through the survey link provided below.  They have extended their original survey closing date from 30 September to 14 October and have reached out to organisations such as LBG to share this to potential survey participants, in an attempt to get more responses from Western Australia.

Please see below for more information and the link to participate in this survey.
Significant progress has been made in wild dog management throughout the country since the National Wild Dog Action Plan (the Plan) was introduced in 2014. As part of the Plan’s ongoing implementation, we are seeking information on the progress of wild dog management activities in your region, with a particular emphasis on whether impacts have been reduced and if working as part of a community group has been a successful approach to the management of wild dogs.

The Plan also seeks to identify where further assistance can be provided through ongoing support of extension and capacity building activities, or where there may be gaps in management programs. This information could also assist in determining where ongoing support is required to deliver community-led, cross-tenure management approaches to reduce wild dog impacts.

To collect this information a national stakeholder survey is being undertaken this month.  The purpose of this survey is to gauge the impacts of community-based wild dog control programs, support landholder productivity, and inform engagement activities. The information provided in this survey may be collated at the local, regional and/or state level to identify the scale of wild dog impacts and benefits of control as part of the reporting requirements for the National Wild Dog Action Plan.
The 2022 National Landholder Survey closing date has been extended to Friday, 14 October. Please note that individual names or property information gathered through this survey will remain confidential and will not be shared publicly.

  • NWDAP seeks your assistance in sending this information and survey link to landholders relevant personnel within your region.
  • To undertake the survey, click on the following link