Leschenault Biosecurity Group is pleased to have our feral pig control program successes recognised by the National Feral Pig Action Plan Implementation Committee with a feature article about our program in their October 2022 newsletter – “Feature article:  HOGGONE adopted by the Leschenault Biosecurity Group as a primary control method for feral pigs”.

The National Feral Pig Action Plan is the first national strategy that has been developed to address reducing the impacts caused by feral pigs to Australia’s environmental, agricultural, cultural and social assets through sustained, coordinated and collaborative actions by land managers.Established in May 2021, the NFPAP Implementation Committee oversees the implementation of the National Feral Pig Action Plan 2021-2031.

Article Excerpt: The Leschenault Biosecurity Group (LBG) is a not-for-profit, recognised biosecurity group in South-West WA run by community representatives. Its purpose is to help landowners manage invasive animals and weeds present on their properties. Feral pigs are a high priority for this group due to their extensive impacts to crops, pastures, and waterways, as well as to the biodiversity of native plants and animals. In August 2020, the LBG trialled HOGGONE® and found that it was a highly effective, reliable, and humane method for feral pig control in the region. These outcomes supported its adoption as the LBG’s primary control method for land managers to more effectively manage feral pig populations. Click here to read article: NFPAP Newsletter _ Leschenault Biosecurity Group Feral Pig Control Program