Cotton Bush Infestation inThomson Brook
Collaboration provided for an effective treatment program for tackling this significant cotton bush infestation in difficult terrain.

A Thompson Brook WA property owner reached out to the LBG for guidance and support to address much needed Cotton Bush control. Their property had a significant infestation in some difficult terrain making it logistically challenging to deal with the problem.  The LBG was in a position to develop a treatment program that was sympathetic to the landscape, engaging various neighbours with a few tractor implement options. However, given the terrain and rocky outcrops the way forward ended up landing with chemical control.

The LBG’s retractable reel sprayer mounted on a tray back negotiated ‘billy goat country’ and smashed it out in under two days. In some sections, the cotton bush was in excess of 50 stems per square metre, making it virtually impenetrable. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) was employed by the owner, who ran sheep through the property creating stock tracks, enabling the weed control contractor to access the centre of the infestations.

The treatment window for cotton bush is still open, although it is optimally controlled prior to seeding. The Thompson Brook site was treated with Glyphosate and a good wetter. This non-selective herbicide is a broad spectrum & takes out pasture grasses as well as your target species so timing for maximising stock pasture retention is important here. Consequently, chemical treatment was undertaken when pasture grasses were not actively growing & had browned off helping bind soil in otherwise steep country.

Cotton Bush is a ‘declared pest’ largely due to its propensity to disperse widely and quickly dominate your paddock through self-promotion and does not respect neighbours’ fence lines.

What’s next for this property?  The property owner will monitor for cotton bush seedlings this spring to proactively address long-term management of this highly invasive weed.

Contact LBG for Cotton Bush Control Guidance and Support via e-mail:  or phone:  0477 049 967