The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) invites submissions on the proposed declared pest rates for the financial year commencing on 1 July 2023 which are to be determined under section 130 of the Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Act 2007.  Rates collected are matched by the State dollar-for-dollar. The combined funds are made available to Recognised Biosecurity Groups who provide support to landholders to fulfil their obligations to manage widespread and established declared pests on their land.  An opportunity to provide comment on the proposed rates opened Friday 14 April and closes 4pm Monday 15 May 2023.   Read more and access the survey at: DPIRD_Have Your Say

YOUR local Recognised Biosecurity Group
Leschenault Biosecurity Group (LBG) works in partnership with landholders, industries, government agencies, industry and other organisations to support and encourage consistent, integrated and cooperative management of priority pests – both animals and plants – at a landscape scale across tenure.  Working together, we can better protect our beautiful and unique area from significant impacts of pests. As a Recognised Biosecurity Group, LBG uses Declared Pest Rate (DPR) funds raised within our Operational Area, to support landholders, with properties 1-hectare or greater in size within our area, with the management of declared pests on their properties through a variety of available resources and services. As we are funded directly through the DPR, our priority must be on declared pests which are designated as a priority in our operational area. However, the group welcomes and will respond to queries and requests from landowners for assistance with other pests, as our resources may permit through pest management programs funded by alternative sources.