The inaugural National Feral Pig Conference will be held 20-21 June 2023, with the purpose to provide an opportunity for land managers, community groups, jurisdictions, NRM organisations and research agencies to come together to
  • share benefits from working together in coordinated groups
  • applying integrated best practice management and monitoring to reduce feral pig populations and their impacts
  • discuss how new insights and technologies can be used to optimise feral pig management.
The National Feral Pig Action Plan aims to share best practice feral pig management learnings to all programs, organisations and stakeholders in Australia dealing with the impacts of feral pigs. This conference will be a great opportunity to network with other people, create collaborations, and find out ways to increase the effectiveness of feral pig management programs.
REGISTRATION is open for both in-person and online participation
All Registration, program and sponsorship information is available on the Conference website.