Rabbits and Summer Weeds Management Advice
LBG at the November Gelorup Market
10:30am – Sunday, 5 November 2023

Gelorup Community Hall Car Park, Hastie Road

Join us at the Gelorup Community Market on Sunday, 5 November for focused discussion on rabbit control summer weeds management. LBG team members will be on hand with targeted advice for your area to address best strategies for rabbit control for your property over the summer months and to provide guidance for your weeds management concerns.

Come along to discuss your concerns, find out about available resources, best practices and how we may be able to how help you, including:

  • Guidance for rabbit control options you can use now
  • Early registration for summer Calicivirus “K5” Release Program
  • Arum Lily control guidance, herbicide and spray units for loan at no charge while suppies last
  • Summer weeds control guidance
  • Information on emerging pests threats
  • and more to support you with declared pests control on on your property

CONTACT US if you would like to discuss Rabbit Control options for your property:
p: 0477 049 967   e: info@lbginc.org.au