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Participant Information re LBG Calicivirus “K5” Release Program

Commencing in January 2023, LBG will conduct related workshops and targeted releases with participating landholders,  across our operational area through April 2023 as part of an integrated approach to optimise control of feral rabbits.

While the “K5” releases won’t eliminate all rabbits, they do provide for a significant reduction in rabbit population, hopefully better enabling landholders the ability to implement other rabbit control strategies around their property.   By participating in this program, you will need to undertake work on your property leading up to the virus release. This includes several nights of pre-feeding oats and liaising with LBG. (Join us at a free participant workshop to find out what participation in the program involves, who is eligible to participate in the subsidised program and how to  maximise program success on your land. – Find workshop dates and locations at: LBG Rabbit Control “K5” Releases Participant Workshops

Collaboration increases effectiveness:  Rabbits reproduce very effectively, and complete elimination of rabbits is close to impossible. With community members working together, significant decrease in numbers can be achieved. We encourage neighbours to link up to organise a coordinated release and increase the success of the release across the community. The more people that participate, the more effective this program will be.

About the Calicivirus RHDV1 K5 (“K5” Strain of the Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus)
This virus, used across the country as a biocontrol tool for rabbit management, specifically and only affects rabbits. Other species, even pets that ingest infected rabbits, are not affected by the virus. A vaccine that protects domestic rabbits against this strain is available and strongly recommended for pet rabbits’ in the release region. It is important however to clarify that other strains not protected by the vaccine can also be present in the region. For more information about this virus, please click on link below:
WA Dept of Agriculture Rabbit Control: RHDV1 K5